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Aloha, Shalom, Shaloha! My name is Eden Edmisson and I am a chef of authentic traditional Israeli cuisine. I cook traditional Israeli Shabbat dinner entrees, bake old-school challah in my flame oven and make favorites such as Baba Ganush, Original hummus, Moussaka, Couscous, Shakshuka and much more! But I was not always a chef! Well maybe I was but I just didn't know it yet?! 

I was born and raised in Tel –Aviv, the capital city known for being the top-rated place to experience the finest and most diverse cuisine in Israel. This is where I was exposed to great restaurants and traditional homemade Israeli cuisine, an enormous selection of foods my whole life. My grandma’s kitchen, however, was the best of all. 
I grew up like most kids in Israel going to school, then the army, and after that the “big journey” as we call it. Since I have been riding horses since I was 7, I decided to go to university to study horse therapy and training for equestrian show jumping. After successfully completing my studies at Wingate University, I flew to Maui for a vacation and this is where met my husband Jason. Yes, while I was on vacation!! He tried my food and he fell in love! On our first date, I cooked for him Kuba (the dumpling). And four months after he proposed, we got married – I swear this is a true story – and we now have two beautiful girls. He is a fisherman, and I am lucky to get to eat and cook fresh fish every day for my customers! But I do miss my family and my grandma’s cooking. 
My grandma came to Israel from Morocco when she was 10 years old and she is the best chef I know. Ever since I can remember, I spent every Friday in her green kitchen cooking for Shabbat dinner. Her kitchen was my chef schooling for 30 years so every time I cook, I feel like I’m in Israel again. On Maui, I relive my life in Israel through her recipes, where I continue to try to cook just like her or at least as close as possible. I even ship all the spices from Israel! I also grow some of the vegetables and herbs in my yard and I bake my bread in a traditional flame oven. And of course, the fish is fresh thanks to Jason! 
I take pride in doing everything I can to give you the most authentic traditional Israeli cuisine experience! In my (our) culture, hosting dinner is a big matter. Let me take you on a voyage filled with colorful spices and flavors delivered to you straight from Israel for a true culinary experience sure to satisfy all your senses!

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